Art Director
Graphic Designer
Wang Zhi-Hong

Art Director
Business Manager
Hsu Yu-Wen

Fujin St.
Songshan Dist.
Taipei, Taiwan
“Wang Zhi-Hong crafts a brand new design style that blends classicism and modernism by pursuing every possibility of typography. Whether we look at the way in which Wang references history and culture or his focus on technical details, he has proved particularly adept at both, as evidenced by his array of impressive book covers. Wang has used Asian perception to drive his deconstruction of modern typography, with his inspiration and ideas containing their own power to perhaps facilitate new movement and exchange in the world of Chinese characters.”  MUROGA KIYONORI, Former editor-in-chief of IDEA magazine, Tokyo, Japan

Wang Zhi-Hong, a graphic designer and a member of AGI. He is committed to incorporating typography into his design projects across the cultural and commercial sectors. He launched his publishing imprints with major publishers, featuring translated books by internationally renowned artists and on their works, including Dieter Rams, Nobuyoshi Araki, Tadanori Yokoo, Takuma Nakahira, and COMME des GARÇONS. Among his recognitions are ADC Awards, TDC Awards, Prize Nominee Works from TOKYO TDC Annual Awards, Best Design from South Korea’s PAJU Book Award, and Kasai Kaoru’s Choice Award from HKDA Asia Design Awards. He is the author of Design by A Selection of Book Designs, 2001-2016.︎



  • D&AD Awards, Typography, 2022, London, U.K.
  • Latin American Design Awards, Editorial Design, 2021, Lima, Peru
  • Top Awards, Packaging Design, 2017, Tokyo, Japan


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  • TDC 2023, Ginza Graphic Gallery, 2023, Tokyo, Japan
  • Typomania 2021, Typography Center for Contemporary Art, 2021, Krasnodar, Russia
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  • Aranya Poster Festival, Aranya, 2020, Qinhuangdao, China
  • TDC 2019, Ginza Graphic Gallery, 2019, Tokyo, Japan
  • Birmingham Design Festival, Market Hall, 2019, Birmingham, U.K.
  • The Foundertype Poster Exhibition, Lei Shing Hong Art Center, 2019, Beijing, China
  • TDC 2018, Ginza Graphic Gallery, 2018, Tokyo, Japan
  • Flags of Peace, A Lab, 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 21X21 Cake Design Exhibition, 751D·PARK / Power Station of Art, 2016, Beijing / Shanghai, China
  • Monotype Type Pro, Not Just Library, 2016, Taipei, Taiwan
  • systems 14 - BRAUN Vinyl Archive (A re-imagining), Walter Knoll, 2014, Beijing, China
  • Typojanchi - International Typography Biennale, Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum, 2011, Seoul, South Korea
  • Ingenuity Follows Nature, Songshan Creative & Cultural Park, 2011, Taipei, Taiwan

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